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There are estimated to be at least 857 Militia groups in the United States today (source: Southern Poverty Law Center). The Internet has become a significant resource and rallying point for these groups, with many supplying homepages and websites to a very professional standard. Their basis in the community of Patriot/Militia is to disseminate information (rumour and suggestion), and for anyone studying the militia phenomenon, they are an invaluable primary source.

Characterising these sites as Right Wing presents problems. Clearly many are, however others have a left-wing, anti-authoritarian slant, and, as Michael Kelley has suggested (New Yorker, July 1996) the corpus of militia beliefs amounts to a 'fusionist' reading of the contemporary world.

The Turner Diaries

Some links to information on this most influential Right Wing text, published in 1978:

Other Links

  • American Freedom Coalition
    Information on a group which had the particular focus on idea that the US has been in an illegal state of emergency since 1933
  • Area 51
    Was Patriot Command, although still not updated since 1997. Declares "Christian American Patriotic web site and an OFFICIAL web site of "The Warning" -- a Christian information newsletter based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. of A. Area 51 is for the restoration and preservation of the original republic of the united states of America established July 4, 1776. Area 51 is opposed to one world government, the United Nations, and any agency attempting to further the goals and objectives thereof. Area 51 is also for the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the King James (Authorized) Version of the Bible written in 1611."
  • Carl Klang
    Site devoted to the amazing Patriot singer Carl Klang. Check out the lyrics!
  • Christian Coalition
    Not strictly a Patriot, but Pat Robertson did write The New World Order. Try searching the site for conspiracy-relevant information.
    Jim Krage's site is devoted to a compendium of militia theories and materials, from TWA 800 to Oklahoma. Bit cluttered but always topical and up-dated.
  • Free America
    Harry V Martin's page. Lots of good links
  • Freedom Domain
    Quite a rant, but "this is NOT a "Hate Site" or an "Anti-Government" site. On the contrary this site is about love and lawful government." Including an article on 'Redemption' from September 1999.
  • IaHUShUA
    A religious site I confess I can’t make much sense of, but it does have some links to interesting conspiracy and militia material, particularly concerning Freemen groups. (Updated 1996)
  • Loose Change 9/11
    An independent documentary with the central premise that the United States Government was, at the very least, criminally negligent in allowing the attacks of September 11th, 2001 to occur, although they believe that the American government might have been directly responsible for the attacks themselves.
  • Michigan Militia
    Webpage of one of the largest militias, with good links to others. Take a look in the globalist propaganda section for conspiracy.
  • Militia of Montana
    Site of one of the most activist militia groups.
  • National Rifle Association Home Page
    This takes you to the search option of the NRA, where you can key in conspiracy culture keywords. The NRA has an interesting stance on the New World Order, etc. – worth checking on.
  • Outpost of Freedom
    Gary Hunt’s Patriot homepage, founded in the wake of Waco. A militia newsletter which claims to avoid discussion of conspiracy. (Last updated 2004)
  • Patrick Henry On-Line
    The Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette. Has back issues which give a vital flavour of the militia point of view since the mid-1990s. Very good set of links to other Patriot sites and resources. (Last updated 2004)
  • Police and Military Against the New World Order
    It says that 6000 plus policemen are members. Read their manifesto.
  • Real History Archives
    The author declares that "This site is designed to provide researchers links and leads to finding real information about our real history. Not the convenient, if somewhat fake history the "mainstream" or rather corporate press feeds us." Contains accounts familiar to Patriot/Militia conspiracy theory, though also holds more libertarian material.
  • The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
    Personal homepage which seems to focus very much on financial conspiracy theory, eg IRS, Vince Foster, Clinton corruption. Also contains substantial archive of the author’s own essays on TWA 800, Whitewatergate, Oklahoma, etc. Not currently being updated.
  • The John Birch Society
    Homepage of the famous/notorious Right Wing organisation established in the 1950s. Has archive of JBS materials and issues of the JBS magazine, The New American. Lots of conspiracy material, though skeptic of the outer reaches. Has search option.
  • The John Doe Times
    Extensive archive of JD Cash’s reports on the Oklahoma bombing, claiming a conspiratorial explanation (and cover-up) for the crime. (Not updated since 1997)
  • The Militia Watchdog
    A serious anti-militia site, with substantial files and background information on the militias. Take a look at the follies and at the opinion poll of militia members. Essential for militia scrutiny.
  • The Right
    Look under the 'Navigation' section for links to other relevant sites.
  • WACO Holocaust Electronic Museum
    Founded April 19, 1996 with the intention of stopping anything like it ever happening again.
  • Who is Your Master?
    Site with a great many links to militia and associated pages. Contains an extremely comprehensive set of links to Militia and conservative pages, including Issue Action News, another non-network news site. Not all the links are up to date, but the site is currrently being re-worked .

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